What's On?

Check out our amazing entertainment over the weekend!


The fantastic fire show that is Pyrohex will be performing both days at

Manchester's biggest and best Tattoo Show, the 9th Tattoo Tea Party. 


This amazing choreographed performance is full of fun, flames and much more.

Featuring the fantastic five-piece of top talented international models & performers that is:
Shelly d'Inferno, Gem Dee, Dani Divine, Aleene Aisha and Sununu Hernandez


They will perform both days, so don't miss out! 

Check out their Facebook Page here...

We hope to see you at this next event at Manchester Central

on the 9th & 10th April 2022.


Body Painting

At Tattoo Tea Party this year is our Body Painting area. 


Don't miss the opportunity to come and visit on both days where you can

watch around 15 artists painting the models.


Then, from 4.00pm, each day, there will be the opportunity to have

your photo taken with them!

Body Paint.jpg

Bumper Cars

Who doesn’t like bumper cars?


Take advantage of our full size bumper car arena – they are FREE all weekend,

so bring your “bumpy A game” to the Tea Party.


Sentinel Squad

For all you Star Wars fans


The fabulous Sentinel Squad will be on hand for photo opportunities and some Jedi mind tricks - don't be afraid to approach the stormtroopers...

 "you are NOT the droids they are looking for"

Sentinel Squad.jpg
sentinel squad2.jpg

Death Matches


Have a beef with a friend? Why not duke it out with massive spongey gloves in

a 1 minute round to settle the score? Tons of fun, and beefs are squashed.

Winners win a medal too. Come see us at the boxing ring to book a fight!

Death Match TTP17a.png
Death Match TTP17b.png
Death Match TTP17c.png

Garaghty & Thom


Not so much a bag of tricks, but a shipping container full of tricks!

These funny circus performers will be your MC's for the weekend PLUS they will be performing their amazing show twice a day

They are so good, they appear in Disney's new 'live action' Dumbo film!

Garaghyt & Thom.jpg
Garaghty & Thom.jpg

We're not nearly finished!