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2024 Artist List 

Advance Appointments
You can book an advance appointment with an artist by contacting them directly.

Once the artist list is 'live' here, simply double click each artists link to see their Instagram / work and find the artists contact details and drop them a line.

(This is the best method if it is one particular

artist who you want to be tattooed by at the show)

At the show walk up Appointments 

Many artists will have space set aside for 'walk up appointments', so just come along to the show, check out their work(displayed on tables at their stand) and book in with them on the spot. The artists will have their own designs, or if you have your own ideas and want something custom designed, bring along some reference pictures, it helps the artist interpret your ideas.

(This is the best method if you want to shop

around and get a tattoo on the day)




Artist applications to
Subject line: APPLICATION

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